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What is On-Page SEO and How We do it?

What is On-Page SEO and How We do it?

by | Oct 1, 2022

On-page SEO is the practice of evaluating each page of your website in order to optimise it for higher rankings and traffic from search engines like Google. Global improvements are also evaluated, such as your pagespeed, responsiveness on numerous devices, and general organisation. These have a substantial impact on user behaviour metrics (as well as conversion rates), which is a key Google ranking factor. When we are finished, you can expect considerably greater exposure (for present and future content) and a better user experience. Off-page advertising may then be used to promote your site to the top of Google for certain queries.

Benefits of On-Page SEO

Google VisibilityOn-page SEO is a critical stage in improving your website’s performance in the Google search engine. Once optimised, it has a better chance of ranking for certain keywords, assuming you have content focused on them. New website ranks attract more Google search visitors.

Better Content – While creating fresh content is important, we also search for ways to improve your existing pages by increasing their relevance for certain keywords. We also ensure that these landing pages are interesting, as visitors will frequently depart before you can convert them.

Mobile Ready – Because more than half of your new visitors, if not more, will be using a mobile device, ensuring that your site is legible and completely responsive is critical to turning them into paying customers. Google also promotes mobile-friendly sites with higher results, making it a crucial task.

Internal Links – Another goal of on-page SEO is ensuring that all of your pages, particularly your keyword-targeted content, are correctly connected. This not only allows visitors to simply browse between pages, but it may also increase relevance and enhance keyword rankings in Google searches.

Faster Experience – According to studies, users are more likely to abandon a website if its pages take too long to load. Aside from the possible loss of sales and conversion rates, website speed is one of the ranking indications used by Google to decide rankings in their search engine, thus it is a top priority.

Better UX – A positive user experience is an essential component of maintaining a successful website. They should be designed to entice potential customers rather than frighten them away to the competition. We will inspect your website for coding mistakes, graphics issues, layout difficulties, “call to action” issues, and anything else that may be affecting conversion.


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